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Handmade Pet Baskets for Cats and Dogs

Cosy and affordable cat and dog bed baskets

For pets owners, cat baskets and dog beds have long been a staple. These baskets aren't just an original approach to pet comfort but also a stylish addition to any home. They combine design and functionality making them hard to resist. Our wicker cat house and dog basket are not only chic but also highly functional, offering a warm space especially for cats during colder seasons. Our original straw cat house bed is big enough for your feline to take in any toys. These cat baskets in particular, have seen a surge in popularity. Their design provides adequate ventilation, enough room for a cushion making it a cosy environment for cats and dogs  to snuggle in. 

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Cat Baskets

Safe, cozy and snug sleeping space for pets

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Dog Baskets

Safe, cozy and snug sleeping space for pets


Every dog is unique, as are our dog baskets. They are a collection of the Bolga baskets from Ghana. These baskets are designed with our dogs’ comfort and safety in mind.  whatever your dog’s shape or size we can offer a basket to suit. Each one of our dog baskets is handwoven in stylish, vibrant patterns and colours. Like nothing else on the market a handwoven dog basket will not only provide a place of refuge for your best friend but it will enhance any room in which it is placed.  Our Ghana dog baskets come in three sizes, small medium and large and we are happy to customise for bigger dogs.

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Ethical and sustainable dog baskets

Bolga dog baskets can be cosy for dogs, especially when made with traditional materials like elephant grass. The natural fibers used in these baskets can provide a comfortable and breathable surface for dogs to rest on. Dogs often appreciate having a designated and comfortable space to call their own, and a Bolga basket may offer that cosy retreat.

Our dog Bolga baskets are are ethical and sustainable and sourced from local artisans in the region of Bolgatanga in Ghana. They weave these dog baskets using sustainable practices. The use of elephant grass  as natural materials contributes to their eco-friendly profile.​ Our African dog  baskets are known for their versatility. Besides serving as a dog bed, they can be used for storage, as a decorative item, or for various other purposes.​ We offer pet baskets at an affordable price, though their price will vary depending on the size. In comparison to some high-end pet beds, Bolga dog bed baskets can be relatively affordable.

Ghana Dog Baskets at the Bam's art shop offers great comfort to your bestie. It contributes to a happy and cosy environment for your pet. The natural materials used in Bolga dog baskets can provide a comfortable surface for dogs. However, individual preferences vary, so it's important to observe your dog's behaviour and comfort level in the basket and add a cushion and blanket for a cosier comfort​

​Here, our Bolga pet baskets come in a variety of patterns and colours, adding an aesthetic element to the pet bedding space. This can be appealing for pet owners who want a stylish and personalised touch. We have also worked with customers to create personalised African dog baskets in size, colours and patterns.​ Our dog baskets may not be easily recyclable in the traditional sense, they are often biodegradable due to their natural materials, contributing to environmental sustainability.

Make your cat basket cave more appealing

Our Bolga cat baskets, with their natural materials and cosy construction, can be suitable for cats to curl up in. Cats often appreciate having a secure and comfortable  cat cave where they can rest, and the design of Bolga baskets can provide a cosy cat cave environment. The natural fibres, elephant grass are soft and breathable, offering a pleasant surface for your cat to settle in.

It's important to note that individual cats have different preferences when it comes to sleeping spots. Most cats may immediately take to a Bolga cat basket cave, while others might need some time to adjust which is normal. 

Here are a few tips to make a Bolga basket more appealing to your cat:

  1. Add a Cushion or Blanket: Place a soft cushion or blanket inside the cat cave basket to provide extra comfort. Cats often appreciate soft surfaces.

  2. Place in a Cosy Spot: Put the Bolga cat basket cave in a quiet and comfortable location where your cat feels safe. Cats often prefer spots where they can observe their surroundings while feeling protected.

  3. Gradual Introduction: Introduce the Bolga cat basket gradually to your cat. Allow them to explore and get used to the new space at their own pace.

As with any new cat bed cave for your cat, patience is key. Pay attention to your cat's behaviour and adjust based on their preferences. Bolga cat baskets cave can indeed serve as cosy and stylish beds for cats.

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