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Moses baskets for dolls

Put a smile on her/his face 
I promise you, your daughter or son will take her baby doll in this doll crib basket everywhere.
You will be able to focus on something else or join your child through play as she is caring for her baby dolls. A basket stand can also be personalised for these dolls moses baskets.
As your baby cuddle and care for her baby doll, she/him is developing some good skills
Teaching copying skills to your young kids will make them stronger, more resilient adults and will help them express their emotions and be aware of their surroundings.

Our dolls wicker moses baskets collection are  affordable and sustainable. 

Little girl playing with doll moses basket

Doll moses basket for her, him

Doll moses basket set with black baby doll and bedding set

🌟 Affordable Pretend Play Delight! 🌈

Introducing our cost-saving Doll Moses Basket Set – the perfect blend of imagination and value! Designed for both girls and boys, this delightful set includes a charming black baby doll and eye-catching Ankara print fabric bedding, providing endless hours of pretend play fun.

Feature Highlights:

Cost-Saving: We understand the importance of affordable toys without compromising on quality. Our Doll Moses Basket Set offers budget-friendly playtime joy for your little ones.

Inclusive Doll: This set comes complete with a lovable black baby doll, promoting diversity in play and encouraging children to embrace different cultures and backgrounds.

Ankara Print Bedding: The unique touch of Ankara print fabric bedding adds a vibrant and stylish flair to the mini moses basket, making it not just a toy but a fashion statement for your child's dolls.

Miniature Version: Modelled after our popular baby moses basket, this doll-sized replica allows kids to mimic caring for their own little ones, fostering empathy and creativity.

Why Choose Our Doll Moses Basket Set?

Affordability: Enjoy quality play without breaking the bank. Our set is designed to be accessible to all families.

Diverse Representation: Embrace diversity and teach inclusivity through play with our black baby doll.

Stylish Bedding: The Ankara print adds a touch of cultural richness, making playtime even more engaging and visually appealing.

Ideal for Pretend Play: Nurture your child's imagination and social skills as they engage in imaginative scenarios with their dolls.

Order Now and Let the Pretend Play Begin!

Give the gift of creative play with our affordable Doll Moses Basket Set. Spark your child's imagination and let them create wonderful, inclusive stories with their new favourite doll companion.

Limited stock – order now for endless playtime adventures!


Imagination and Creativity

Doll Moses baskets can be excellent for pretend play, especially if they are made from natural materials. Doll Moses baskets add a touch of realism to pretend play, allowing children to mimic the caregiving activities they observe in their environment. Pretend play is essential for the development of a child's imagination and creativity. With a doll Moses basket, children can engage in nurturing and imaginative play scenarios. Our doll Moses baskets come with bedding sets and a doll. They will provide an opportunity for children to develop their role-playing skills, fostering empathy and understanding as they take on caregiving roles. We aim to provide doll Moses baskets made from natural materials which are produced ethically and support environmentally conscious choices. This will teach children about sustainability and responsible consumerism from an early age.

Our complete set of doll moses baskets come with bedding sets and a doll to offer a comprehensive play experience. This allows children to care for their dolls just as they might see caregivers take care of infants.

Doll Moses basket
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