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Empowering artisans projects

One of our core value is to let our artisans have full power over their pricing strategies. We choose to work with the finest artisans, setting up long-term and fair collaborations with our suppliers. The artisans we trade with have control over their future, make their own decisions to lead the dignified life everyone deserves.

Empowering women and vulnerable men in Kenya

NEW PROJECT - One of our aims is to empower women and girls to fight poverty. Earning an income is cruitial to improve livelihoods, because when a woman earns it benefits to the community. However, we believe that vulnerable men can also benefit from this project. Here is Jane teaching Lilian another community girl how to weave a mat. A skill that is tending to disappear in Kenya. My kenyan partner, Joyce and I have been trying to address women issues in the villages. One of the first issues to address was to come up with a way to help their husbands to become more active and have the sence of ownership too. Because of the drought in some areas, men cannot do any farming and most will have unproductive days. Jane's husband, Paul, for instance is a drunkrad. He used to spend most of his time in the traditional village pub. We asked Jane if she could teach her husband and any other drunkards in the village how to weave mats. Mr Muli, Paul's friend happily joined the team too. Although it is early stage, Paul and Muli are really motivated. We hope this project will empower women as well as men. We will be giving you more news on the support that we have put in place.

Musenya story

“I made your basket”

Musenya is a young, strong, ambitious single mother, and also an orphan.  She is one of our weavers from Kenya.
Musenya has not given up on school and finances her studies with the income she gets from weaving and selling these beautiful baskets. She is a young entrepreneur and she feels empowered by the partnership with The Bam’s Art shop. She is working hard


Partnership with the weavers in Senegal

A little video about our weavers in Senegal will tell you more on our partnership.

Astou story

“I made your basket”

Astou  is one of our weavers from Senegal. Like other women in her community, weaving and selling the baskets represents her main income. She said “ Our mothers breastfed us while weaving the baskets and every woman in the village have this skill”. Astou and the other women are really happy with their partnership with The Bam’s Art Shop and hope that it will grow over the years.

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