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Beautiful, handmade Moses basket, made from durable and sustainable elephant grass. Each basket is unique and woven by artisans in Bolgatanga, northern Ghana, taking 2-3 days to complete.


We hand-select and ethically-source each basket, to select the most beautiful designs and to make sure weavers receive a fair wage for their skill.


This one-off, beautiful Moses basket is a lovely addition to the home for new arrivals.


The dimensions are approximately:

* 29cm at the highest point without the handles

* 75cm length at the longest point

* 38cm wide at the widest point


As every basket is unique and handmade, rather than mass or factory-made, it's normal to have little imperfections, which are all part of the basket's character and charm.


Elephant grass is very sturdy, but these baskets are not carrying devices and should be used on a flat surface.

Woven Moses Basket with Leather handles


    Moses baskets have been used for centuries, traditionally to carry newborn babies. The design has since been evolving over the years to create an ultra-comfy place for little ones to sleep. While available in a variety of nursery-ready styles and colourways, the simplistic design of Ghana moses basket creates a safe sleeping space, and makes it easy to move the baby around the house as needed. Moses baskets are suitable from birth up to 6 months of age, and many parents choose to use them due to their cosy and cocooning nature as opposed to the spacious area of a cot - particularly when a baby is in their very early stages of life. 


    Our Ghana Moses baskets offer benefits that cot beds may not, making them a worthwhile investment.

    The first months of life are some of the most challenging, yet precious and using a Moses basket makes these challenges more manageable. For example, the night-time routine becomes much easier, as the baby can be placed next to you, meaning less trips to the nursery and checking in on the baby monitor through the night.

    Additionally, Moses baskets are portable so your baby can easily be transported through the house and kept close to you. So that you are free to complete chores or move through rooms without the worry of leaving your little one in the nursery.

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