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A beautifully finished Senegal basket, made using reeds/sweetgrass and is bound using recycled plastic prayer mats which gives the different colours These woven baskets are handmade combining a contemporary design and ancestral weaving techniques. Elegant and useful, they can be used as laundry baskets or fit into a room to store toys, winter duvets, pillows ... Perfect for a natural decoration. The fitted lid closes the basket. There are slight variations in shape and size as this is a handcrafted product. Each basket is unique. • Approximate size Height: 80-85 Centimetres; Width: 45-50 Centimetres.• Materials > Typha grass (cattails, Recycled plastic from prayer mats • Origin > North Senegal - West Africa • Cleaning > Clean with a damp cloth.

White Ali Baba Laundry Basket

  • Handcrafted with grass, plastic and lots of love

    Height: 80-85 Centimetres; Width: -45-50  Centimetres.

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