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This handwoven Round Bolga basket is made in the North of Ghana by a group of selfthought women in Bolgatanga. This strong sustainable Bolga basket can be used indoor as storage baskets for toys, magazines, laundry, throws etc... It will enhance your room as well as serving the purpose. It has a strong handle grip which is really handy when shopping around in farmers markets. Carrying picnic food has never been that easy. 

Ethically handmade in Bolgatanga, Ghana, round Bolga shopping baskets are a popular type of basket made by our local weavers using natural materials. Our round Bolga baskets have become increasingly popular especially for their sustainability and ethical fashion.

Beside their beauty, round sustainable Bolga shopping baskets have several benefits. They are biodegradable. 

Our versatile Bolga storage baskets are great for carrying groceries. They also function well as beach bags, picnic baskets, and even as storage baskets in the home.

Our round African bolga baskets are handmade by artisans in Ghana, which means that they support local communities and promote fair trade. Working directly with the weavers ensures fair trade and sustainability as there is fewer people involved in the supply chain.

Black, Natural Brown Round Bolga Shopper Basket

  • WHAT IS MY BASKET MADE OF - We use 100% locally grown elephant grass straw with high quality fibres and died naturally. Leather handles.



    40cm DIA x 24cm H

    HAND-MADE not MACHINE-MADE: We aim to promote the work that our artisans make. Some of our baskets are weaved by dynamic old ladies, different mothers in the community and during different seasons. Therefore, dimensions and colours may slightly vary from the picture. Each basket is unique in a way.

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