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Luxurious Pot Baskets

Invest on a chic hamper basket to lift up your room. This traditionally handwoven storage basket is ideal to store throws or laundry.

This storage basket can also be used as a planter basket.



Our Ghana log baskets for fireplaces are great at doing their job – holding firewood and keeping it handy for when it's time to light up the stove. But these log baskets are a whole lot more than just wood carriers.

So, why should fireplaces have all the fun? Let's explore log baskets and see what else they can do. 

1.Plant holder extraordinaire

2.Laundry basket

3.The ultimate toy box for your little ones

 4. crafty corner champions

Crafters! We all know how those craft supplies can pile up – and finding them when you need them can be a bit like a treasure hunt. How about giving them a stylish new home? – a log basket to the rescue!

A log basket can hold it all, whether it's your knitting needles and yarn, paints and brushes, or glitter galore. With a spacious log basket, you can keep all your craft stuff in one place, and it looks great, too! I

5. Keep your magazines tidy

Are your favourite magazines scattered around? Well, it's time to gather them up and give them the home they deserve -in a pretty log basket! 

6.Cosy blanket holder for chilly evenings


African Log baskets are great companion to the fireplace and can be filled with logs while keeping your fireplace clean and tidy. Our African log baskets are made out of natural materials and come in various sizes and different patterns. They are also perfect for storing other items such as  blankets, cushions and toys out of winter time. 

Cold nights call for cosy blankets, right? But where do you store those fluffy, comforting throws when you're not using them? You guessed it – a log basket!

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