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Sisal Basket Care instructions

We ship this basket folded:

Upon reception of your basket -  Don’t panic in case it is out of shape. All our sisal baskets can be remoulded by spraying  (not the water drops, only spray) a bit of water on the folded areas and moulding it. You may wish to do this twice or just stuff the basket with a towel or a pot to shape it back. Watch a video

Using it as a planter basket -  Ensure that you place a saucer or a plastic at the bottom of the basket before inserting your plant pot as water can damage your basket.

Always aim keep your basket dry. These baskets can go in the bathroom, but just ensure that it is not by the bath or the shower as they can get damp due to its natural materials.

If it get’s wet, ensure you dry it as soon as possible on a radiator or under the sun for a day

Try to keep it away from direct sunlight as this may deteriorate the basket colours over the time though this may give a rustic look to your basket.

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