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Our story

The Bam's Art Shop is an African decorative homeware provider. Here you will find sustainable handmade homeware and decorative items that are created to meet your taste. Africa is where The Bam's Art Shop main source of inspiration comes from and it is right there that we make all these beautiful homeware pieces. 
Our mission is to value the African culture and design as well as creating opportunities for women and young men from these communities. One of our core value is to let our artisans have full power over their pricing strategies. We choose to work with the finest artisans, setting up long-term and fair collaborations with our suppliers. The artisans we trade with have control over their future, make their own decisions to lead the dignified life everyone deserves.
We want to bring you the best handcrafted pieces that will change your interiors. We carefully select ethically sourced materials to bring you these unique pieces of art. This is why we are busy touring the most rural villages and meeting these talented people in that part of the world. Our selection will bring a special touch to your homes and offices and will leave you with a sensation of equality, eco-friendly, ethical and fair trade. 


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